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    Noticias — Fondant

    How to create blue and pink combinations with your ENCO Fondant?

    How to create blue and pink combinations with your ENCO Fondant?

    #ENCOFamily, we are sure of one thing: the world could use more color! And while brainstorming our next surprise for you, we had an idea: What if you could craft color combinations… using your ENCO Fondant? That’s how we came up with our ENCO Fondant Mixing Chart, and today we're excited to share two colorful combinations you can create with it.

    Pink combinations.

    Pink Combinations Fondant ENCO

    With our ENCO Mixing Chart and basic food color gels, you can make 3 new colors for your Fondant: Cotton Candy, Cherry Blossom and Flamingo. Here's the step-by-step process and measurements:

    Blue combinations.

    ENCO Blue Combinations

    Additionally, you’ll find 5 new color ideas in our ENCO Mixing Chart, perfect to enhancing your Fondant: Sky Blue, Cloudy Blue, Indigo Blue, Iron Blue and Blueberry. Here’s the procedure and measurements:

    This is just the beginning of what you can achieve with our ENCO Fondant Mixing Chart! Click here to download it for FREE and uncover all our secret combinations.

    Fondant 101: How to Use our ENCO Mixing Chart

    Fondant 101: How to Use our ENCO Mixing Chart

    You're in your workshop, armed with your gel colors and your pristine Enco white fondant, ready to dive into your creative project with an incredible idea brewing in your mind. There's just one catch: You're not quite sure how to use the Mixing Chart. Let's avoid any confusion! We're here to guide you through the step-by-step process of using the Mixing Chart.

    Como usar tu hoja de combinaciones Fondant ENCO

    First and foremost, it's crucial to understand how the Fondant Mixing Chart works. As you examine the guide, you'll notice a line showcasing our nine basic combinations. The idea here is to use these as a starting point for your own creations! Begin with a 100-gram fondant sphere and add five drops of each shade to create the nine basic colors. Once you've completed this step, it's time to let your creativity flow with these combinations!

    ENCO Fondant Combinations

    For instance, if you're aiming for a mustard tone, here's what you'll need: a 100g fondant sphere already tinted in Lemon Yellow, a 10g sphere of Orange, and a 3g sphere tinted in Dark Brown. Once you have these portions, blending them together will yield the "Mustard" shade as depicted in the guide.

    Combinaciones Fondant ENCO

    To achieve the remaining combinations, simply follow the instructions on the chart. Now that you understand how our Mixing Chart works and how to utilize it, you can start using it to infuse vibrant colors into your creations. Interested in getting one for FREE? Click here!

    An easier way to paint Fondant is on the way

    An easier way to paint Fondant is on the way

    #ENCOFamily, we've got an exciting surprise in store for all of you. Remember when we introduced our Enco Fondant? Thanks to your overwhelming support, it was a massive success! So, we decided to make your creative journey even more convenient by adding two new versions in Red and Black, saving you precious time while crafting those flawless decorations. But we're not stopping there; we're cooking up something truly special to keep your imagination flowing.

    Need a hint? Well, you know us well! We're always on the lookout for ways to support and enhance your daily baking adventures. We thrive on being a part of your baking masterpieces, accompanying you in every order, picture, or video you create for your hustle. That's why we asked ourselves, 'What would the Enco Family love?' And the answer is crystal clear: More colors!

    Fondant ENCO Hoja combinaciones

    So, we're working on something extraordinary, exceptionally unique, and entirely innovative that will revolutionize the way you add color to your Fondant creations. If you have a hunch, keep it under wraps for now, okay? Don't spill the beans just yet. Who knows, we might be cooking up something so mind-blowing that you can't even imagine it... You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

    In the meantime, we invite you to explore all the Fondant decorations we have ready for you in Recipes and more. And if you're eager to dive into step-by-step Fondant video tutorials, click right here to follow us on our social media. Keep your eyes opened for some exciting updates and be among the first to unwrap this brand-new treat! We'll catch up with you very soon!

    4 Decorations to Elevate Your Halloween Decorating Game!

    4 Decorations to Elevate Your Halloween Decorating Game!

    #ENCOFamily, one of the best holidays is just around the corner: Halloween! We want to inspire you to create amazing decorations for your clients, so we've come up with 4 spooky ideas to ignite your creativity this season. Let's dive in!

    1. Witch Finger Cookies

    Witch Finger Cookies ENCO Amazon

    We can guarantee that these witch finger cookies taste even better than they look – seriously! Just wait until you experience the flavor-packed goodness concealed beneath the surface, created with our ENCO Royal Icing mix and decorated with our seasonal food color gels: Lime Green, Neon Purple, and Super Black. Click here to watch the full video featuring our friend, @popfetti!

    1. Fondant Raven

    ENCO Fondant Raven Super Black

    Did you know that ravens are among the most intelligent birds out there? They can remember faces and even hold grudges! That makes them the perfect inspiration for crafting one using our ENCO Fondant and placing it as a striking decoration for your Halloween cake.

    1. Spider Cake

    Spider Cake Fondant ENCO Super Black

    Who could resist a slice of a spider-shaped cake? Especially when it's not real, right? Learn how to decorate it step by step and master the art of applying our ENCO Fondant, with guidance from @nel.pastel. Impress your guests at the Halloween party with these spooky cake-making skills.

    1. Jack The Reaper Cookie

    Mr. Pumpkin Cookie Royal Icing ENCO

    Of course, we couldn't leave you without a Halloween cookie for inspiration. This time, we've got a Jack The Reaper cookie that you can decorate using our ENCO Halloween Bundle. It includes 3 food coloring gels perfectly suited for the Halloween season and our ENCO Royal Icing mix. Grab it here!

    Now you're all set to surprise your clients this Halloween season with your enhanced decorating skills! If you're interested in exploring more of our ENCO products, be sure to visit our Amazon store by clicking here.

    How to decorate a Summer Cake?

    How to decorate a Summer Cake?

    Beach, ocean, vacation. This is what summer is about! So it’s pretty easy to know how to decorate a Summer Cake. Like this one made by our friends at Oh My Crumbs! Discover how we made this decoration and if you want to watch the full video, go to the end of the article to find the link.

    First we begin by covering our sponge cake with buttercream painted with Royal Blue and Bright Blue. Smooth the sides of the cake and cover the upper side of it with Creamy Ivory frosting to simulate the land. With a spatula, mix a bit of Creamy Ivory with white buttercream to make the waves shape.

    Fondant Red Crab Enco

    Now we make a cute crab with our Fondant painted with Watermelon Red food color gel. We place it on top of our cake, with a small coconut and some shells. And guess what? Our Summer cake is more than ready! 

    Watch the full video decoration by clicking here! And remember to follow our friends at Oh My Crumbs to discover more ideas for your client’s orders.