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    Noticias — Royal Icing

    How to decorate a Toucan cookie?

    How to decorate a Toucan cookie?

    It’s been a while since we decorated a cookie, #EncoFamily! And in case you are missing it, here we have a Toucan cookie ready to be made. Using our best cookie decorator companion: our Royal Icing Mix! And food color gels, of course, they couldn’t miss this! So let’s decorate this cookie with a very special tool: our Color Mixing Guide!

    First you’ll need to prepare the Royal Icing. For this occasion, you have to make it in its medium consistency. Perfect for cookie filling! You need to prepare it by following the instructions in the bag for the stiff consistency. Then, keep adding water with a sprinkler and make a line in the middle of the icing. If it takes from 15 to 20 seconds in disappear, your consistency is ready!

    Once your icing is in medium consistency, it’s time for the second stage: grab our Color Mixing Guide. Follow the instructions and begin painting your royal icing with Lemon Yellow and the color combinations: Avocado (1 drop of Dark Brown, 3 drops of Lemon Yellow and 3 drops of Leaf Green) and Flamingo (1 drop of Orange and 4 drops of Bright Pink). Then, it’s cookie decoration time!

    Begin by outlining the cookie and proceed to filling the areas with each colored icing. Do this until your cookie is fully decorated! Now, if you want to see the filling technique, click here to watch the full video of the decoration. Or if you want to get our Color Mixing Guide for FREE, you can download it here.