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    Noticias — Food Coloring Gels

    4 Decorations to Elevate Your Halloween Decorating Game!

    4 Decorations to Elevate Your Halloween Decorating Game!

    #ENCOFamily, one of the best holidays is just around the corner: Halloween! We want to inspire you to create amazing decorations for your clients, so we've come up with 4 spooky ideas to ignite your creativity this season. Let's dive in!

    1. Witch Finger Cookies

    Witch Finger Cookies ENCO Amazon

    We can guarantee that these witch finger cookies taste even better than they look – seriously! Just wait until you experience the flavor-packed goodness concealed beneath the surface, created with our ENCO Royal Icing mix and decorated with our seasonal food color gels: Lime Green, Neon Purple, and Super Black. Click here to watch the full video featuring our friend, @popfetti!

    1. Fondant Raven

    ENCO Fondant Raven Super Black

    Did you know that ravens are among the most intelligent birds out there? They can remember faces and even hold grudges! That makes them the perfect inspiration for crafting one using our ENCO Fondant and placing it as a striking decoration for your Halloween cake.

    1. Spider Cake

    Spider Cake Fondant ENCO Super Black

    Who could resist a slice of a spider-shaped cake? Especially when it's not real, right? Learn how to decorate it step by step and master the art of applying our ENCO Fondant, with guidance from @nel.pastel. Impress your guests at the Halloween party with these spooky cake-making skills.

    1. Jack The Reaper Cookie

    Mr. Pumpkin Cookie Royal Icing ENCO

    Of course, we couldn't leave you without a Halloween cookie for inspiration. This time, we've got a Jack The Reaper cookie that you can decorate using our ENCO Halloween Bundle. It includes 3 food coloring gels perfectly suited for the Halloween season and our ENCO Royal Icing mix. Grab it here!

    Now you're all set to surprise your clients this Halloween season with your enhanced decorating skills! If you're interested in exploring more of our ENCO products, be sure to visit our Amazon store by clicking here.

    8 color combinations that will give you a cozy, fall vibe

    8 color combinations that will give you a cozy, fall vibe

    Ah, the arrival of fall, a welcome escape from the heat and busyness of spring and summer. As we say goodbye to hot days and say hello in the era of hot beverages and crunching leaves, why not add that autumnal coziness into your desserts?  Explore these 8 color combinations tailor-made for the upcoming season!


    Enco Mauve combination

    10 drops of Red, 8 drops of Purple

    Wine Red

    Wine Red Enco combination

    10 drops of Red, 4 drops of Purple

    Red Orange

    Redish Enco Combination

    12 drops of Orange, 4 drops of Red

    Olive Green

    Enco Olive Green Combination

    10 drops of Leaf Green, 8 drops of Lemon Yellow and 4 drops of Dark Brown



    Enco Hazelnut Combination

    16 drops of Dark Brown, 4 drops of Red

    Super Purple

    Super Purple Enco Combination

    14 drops of Purple, 2 drops of Bright Blue


    Enco Copper Combination

    4 drops of Red, 16 drops of Orange and 3 drops of Dark Brown

    With these enchanting color combinations, you're all set to infuse the spirit of fall into your delightful decorations. Get them now on our Amazon Store! Are you also looking for color inspiration for upcoming holidays? Don't forget to explore our Download and Learn section by clicking here.

    4 color combinations to make your cakes stand out!

    4 color combinations to make your cakes stand out!

    Ready to decorate your cakes? Before you get started, you may need a bit of inspiration regarding the colors you’re going to use. And here we have some recommendations that you’re going to love!

    Neon Purple

    Neon Purple Enco Foods

    How to make it: 16 drops of Bright Pink + 2 drops of Purple

    Emerald Green

    Emerald Green Enco Foods

    How to make it: 16 drops of Bright Blue + 6 drops of Leaf Green

    Canary Yellow

    Canary Yellow Enco Foods

    How to make it: 12 drops of Lemon Yellow + ¼ drop of Orange


    Fucsia Food Color Gel

    How to make it: 24 drops of Bright Pink, 1 drop of Red + 1 drop of Super Black

    Want to see more color combinations? Discover our Mixing Guide and get if for FREE here!

    How to make 6 yellow color combinations with our Mixing Guide

    How to make 6 yellow color combinations with our Mixing Guide

    #EncoFamily, know what day it is? It’s the day to make all our Yellow lovers happy with 6 vibrant combinations you can all make by following our Color Mixing Guide. Let us know your favorite yellow shade in the comments!

    Lemon Yellow

    Lemon Yellow Enco Foods

    Nothing beats the original Lemon Yellow. To get this combination, you just need to add 12 drops of our food color in your cover.

    Canary Yellow

    Canary Yellow Enco Foods

    How would our Lemon Yellow look after ¼ drops of Orange? Like this Canary Yellow combination.


    Mustard Enco Foods

    If you wanted to make our Mustard combination, what could you mix with our Lemon Yellow? Easy! Just 2 drops of Super Black to do the trick.


    Mango Enco Foods

    What happens if you add more orange, like 1 entire drop, to your Lemon Yellow cover? It turns from Canary Yellow to Mango combination!

    Egg Yellow.

    Egg Yellow Enco Foods

    And speaking of adding more orange, what if you put 3 more drops of Orange? Our Egg Yellow combination would be ready to welcome you!


    Gold Enco Foods

    And finally, our Gold combination! The only shade that requires 3 of our food color gels. Mix 12 drops of Lemon Yellow, 1 drop of Super Black and 3 drops of Orange. Discover its vibrant shades!

    Which color shade should we cover next time? Tell us your suggestions in the comments! And remember to click here to get our Mixing Guide with 60 combinations to make by clicking here.

    How to decorate a Summer Cake?

    How to decorate a Summer Cake?

    Beach, ocean, vacation. This is what summer is about! So it’s pretty easy to know how to decorate a Summer Cake. Like this one made by our friends at Oh My Crumbs! Discover how we made this decoration and if you want to watch the full video, go to the end of the article to find the link.

    First we begin by covering our sponge cake with buttercream painted with Royal Blue and Bright Blue. Smooth the sides of the cake and cover the upper side of it with Creamy Ivory frosting to simulate the land. With a spatula, mix a bit of Creamy Ivory with white buttercream to make the waves shape.

    Fondant Red Crab Enco

    Now we make a cute crab with our Fondant painted with Watermelon Red food color gel. We place it on top of our cake, with a small coconut and some shells. And guess what? Our Summer cake is more than ready! 

    Watch the full video decoration by clicking here! And remember to follow our friends at Oh My Crumbs to discover more ideas for your client’s orders.